The Photography with a Purpose project began in 2016 with animals rescued from the streets. The money collected from private sessions was fully donated to independent protectors and to NGOs, who rescued animals, often in deplorable situations.


Some time later, I changed the project and started photographing the animals themselves to help them get adopted through cheerful and colorful photos for a more positive image.

This project has already yielded 6 calendars, 3 for the NGO Amigo Animal from Curitiba and 2 for the NGO SAAU from Umuarama,  both in Brazil:


Other institutions that participated in this project are: NGO Rivanimal (Spain), Homestead Animal Shelter (New York), Fazenda Modelo (Brazil), Lar da Dona Lazica (Brazil), Abrigo Paulinha Silva (Brazil), among others.


In 2018, the project was extended to children with special needs, often with the presence of rescued animals. The conditions portrayed so far were: Nystagmus, blindness, cancer (retinoblastoma, leukemia, Burkitt's lymphoma, diffuse astrocytoma - brain cancer), cerebral palsy, autism, amputation, severe lysencephaly, Fibular Hemimelia, macrocephaly, myelomeningocele. Some syndromes: West, Down, Arnold Chiari, Lange's Cornelia,  Treacher Collins,  Williams, Sotos, Pierre Robin, Goldenhar Syndrome, Phelan Mcdermid (PMS), Chiari, PAI ...


The project, which is social and therefore free for families and NGOs, aims to show the beauty of both children and animals, through cheerful photos that highlight the good side of each individual and their personalities, as well as raising awareness about the condition of the children, that is still unkown for many, telling stories about their lives.


Check out the video of Making of produced by project partner Diego Ianesko.

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